Just a note to everyone.  Tommy Moody passed away 12/21/2015.  RIP TOMMY.......

Welcome to VIRGIN Rocks. The OFFICIAL home of VIRGIN ! This site is dedicated to: Chuck, Dirk, Tommy, Steve & Gary and to all the people who remember them. So, look around, enjoy the sites & sounds and if you have anything to share PLEASE do !!!! DON"T FORGET TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK !!!



VIRGIN was a band that featured :

Chuck Billings - Drums

Tommy Moody - Guitar

Dirk Etienne - Lead Vocals

Gary Van Dyke - Bass

Steve Kramer - Guitar

UPDATE 1/10/10

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!  Here is some cool info for you to start the year off right !

The big news is DIRK ETIENNE is finished with his CD  "High Standards" and it is available (and selling like hotcakes) at and also off the newly launched   The CD is full of your favorite standards done Dirks way !  Well worth the wait.  Make sure to grab a copy asap !  Dirk is very exited about this and it shows in the music. It is Dirk like you never heard him....

STEVE KRAMER has relocated (for the time-being) to France but he still has been busy with some music.  His current project is called

"Moms Great Weed" and he has some new music posted at:

Check it out !

TOMMY MOODY has relocated to Arizona (by me, and we finally met face to face), and is currently playing some shows in the Valley of the Sun.

CHUCK BILLINGS and I have been playing phone tag for the past week but I know he was up to something as well.  I'll find out and let you know !


Update 12/13/08

 Should have posted these a while back but been having trouble with my POS computer but here we go......

I met up with Chuck and Steve & Mary Kay back in October at the Rainbow in Hollywood.  We had a great time as to be expected.  It is always great to see them and I wish we could hook up more often.  Gonna work on that ! Anyway, here is a pic from the evening to check out...


ALSO, it looks like Dirk is pretty much completed with his long awaited Jazz CD.  He is very stoked about it and I believe he was going to shoot the cover soon.  Keep checking back to see when the release date is.

Until next time...........HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!

UPDATE 10/08/08

Cool news in VIRGIN-land.  Dirk as you know has started a new chapter of his musical career doing some Jazz standards and has been working on a CD as well as doing some shows.  Well now he has his own Myspace page with music, phots and info so check it out.  He is having a blast doing it and I think you will dig it as well.                         Here is the link for you.....

Make sure you request Dirk as a friend if you have an account and let him know what you think.  I think is pretty cool what he is doing and can see myself having a few cocktails while listening to him perform his renditions of some old classics.

Also, I will be hooking up with Chuck & Steve this weekend in Hollywood so I'll get a few new pics posted after I get home from my vacation.  Looking forward to seeing them as it has been too long.

Until then, Check out the myspace pages for Dirk, Tommy, Killer Mockingbird, The Pennys, as well as checking back here as well. 

I am planning a myspace page for VIRGIN soon as well.  Hopefully I can get some VIRGIN tunes from Mr. Kramer to post so you can check out the REAL VIRGIN.


Update 06/15/08

First things first.  Happy belated Birthday to our boy Chuck Billings !!!  Chuck celebrated his B-day May 31st !!!

Dirk sent me some shots from a show he played recently doing his versions of Jazz standards.  He is also working on a CD of the same and hopefully I will be able to post a release date soon.  When Dirk is happy with it, that is when it will come out but it sounds like he is getting close.  Stay tuned....

STEVE KRAMER !!!  Check out the new pages for Steve's old bands " The Pennys" & "Killer Mockingbird" on my space.  (Killer Mockingbird)

I am not sure who is running these pages but you get to hear a lot of music from these two bands.  It is amazing how much the Penny's sound like a certain mop-topped band from Liverpool.  There is also a link to a live Penny's video from 1980 on the page so make sure you check it out.

TOMMY MOODY has recorded a song for ROCK4XMAS called "Bring On The Cheer Wipe Away The Tears".  To check it out go to Tommy's myspace page at www.myspace/tommyraymoody and follow the links.  Also check out Tommy's other tunes & pics that he has posted.  The boy can play !!! 

Not much else happening right now.  I am working on a new page with all kinds of VIRGIN memorabila for everyone to check out.  It will be easier to see a lot of the stuff than clicking multiple pages.  Plus, I have a lot of new stuff as well.

Thanks to ROCKY & Janet for sending stuff to me recently.  Rocky sent a lot of foriegn magazine articles and Janet sent me a ton of Steve Kramer Fan Club newsletters & pins & Bumper stickers from "The Penny's".  So thanks again, it is all appreciated.

UPDATE 05/17/08

UPDATE 03/08/08

Hey everyone, time for a little update.  Spent some time talking to Chuck & Tommy, both are doing excellant, Tommy is still plugging away on his CD.  Hopefully, he'll be coming though Arizona to play a few shows in the future.  Also, I wanted to post what Dirk has posted in the Guestbook in case you don't check that page out. 

Dirk Etienne:
I promised myself that I wouldn't leave a message on this board, but I feel touched by the many notes. Also, hearing from people I knew so many years ago has been very nice. Paul Draper, it's good to hear that you are alive and doing well. Peter Castle, my respect for your art is undiminished and you were one of the nicest guys I met in the business. Valerie, I do remember you. I'm certain you are still a lovely person. Did I miss anyone? It is nice to remain friends with Steve, Chuck and Gary. I haven't spoken with Kenny nor Gene for some time, but it is not for lack of love and respect. Both men gave me a big shot in the music business. For the record, I never worked in a hospital. I served on a hospital foundation, a 501c3. I chaired two capital campaigns: One for a neonatal unit for hospital and another for a new emergency wing named for my grandfather. I raised 5 million in total, with lots of help from the Foundation and the community. Also, I chaired a capital campaign to build a museum dedicated to the work of John Steinbeck. It is the National Steinbeck Center. This was volunteer work for which I was happy to do. Together we raised 11 million dollars by the time of my departure. Again, this was successful because of the people in the campaign. I urge anyone with children to visit the NSC in Salinas, California. I have a development company which, among other things, is a partner in Tynan Village. It is an affordable development in association with the Housing Authority of Monterey County. It will combine 170 units with mixed use. I returned to college (University of California Santa Cruz) and graduated with History Board Honors. A shocking development, considering my many anti-intellectual pursuits in Hollywood. (No Regrets). Recently, I have been studying American Jazz Standards and concurrently have been recording in my home studio and playing small gigs in very nice country clubs. Sorry, no weddings, etc. I have never been rewarded musically so soundly. A CD will be forthcoming. Warning: it is not a rock album. Thanks to Kerry for maintaining this site. He is truly a good heart. I hope the site brings back good memories to people who saw Virgin perform and to people who worked with us. We fell short, but as one of my heros, John McEnroe, once said: "I've learned more from failure than success." Happily, most of the Virgin members have succeeded in life. Good jobs, happy marriages and families. In reality, one can't hope for more. Cheers to all of you, Sincerely, Dirk Etienne

SEE, the guys really do check out the page.  They all really appreciate everyone coming to the site and looking around.  We have gotten more responses from all over the world than we ever thought we would.  I, myself am very happy with the way the site has turned out and would like to thank everyone ( the VIRGIN guys, friends and fans )again for their input, stories, cool stuff that has been emailed and sent to me. 

PLEASE, if you sign the guestbook or have signed the guestbook or are a fan, email me your email address at  I am trying to keep track of all the fans and people who have signed so I can email you when there are updates and new pics added.  Also, let me know where you are from and if any of the guys are gigging in your area, I can let you know !!

Until next time, grab a cocktail and start looking through VIRGIN ROCKS !



  Dirk has played his first show in quite some time to a sold out house at the Pasedera Country Club in Monterey California where he recieved two encores and a standing ovation.  He also played a couple other appearances as well that were equally well recieved.   He is planning on getting out around San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles and doing some more shows soon.  Keep checking back here as I will post all the news as Dirk passes it on to me. 


Update 01/18/08

It has been a long time coming but there is some cool stuff coming our way.  Here are a few bits to keep you satisfied until I can let more info out.  The new pics are part of STEVE KRAMERS collection.  There will be a TON more coming.



Dirk is working on something pretty cool.  As soon as he gives me the OK, I will let you know all about it.  Lets just say, It is Dirk as you have never heard him before.


What can I say about Chuck other than the fact he is a brother and is one of the greatest guys I have ever met.  


Last I heard, he was still plugging away on his soon to be released CD.  Tommy actually called a while back but I did not get a chance to call him.  My wife heard the message and forgot to tell me about it for a long time, so I gotta get ahold of him soon to shoot the bull and find out all the latest.


Many thanks to Steve for giving me a huge box of VIRGIN stuff and about 150 slides to go through.  I finally found a local place (that I trust) that can convert the slides to CD for me and we'll see some cool outtakes and unpublished photos.  Played a bit of Phone tag this past week with him and should speak to him very soon to see what he has been up to.  Great guy and my wife and I are looking forward to seeing him and his wife Mary Kay soon.  Steve is the guy with all the VIRGIN music so we gotta convince him to letting us hear it !!!


I have not heard from Gary since the reunion last September. I did however recieve an email from a guy by the name of Gary Holland not too long ago. Gary Holland was the original drummer for Great White and this is what he had to say....

  "Suite 19 was formed in 1978 by Greg Leon on guitar and lead vocals, myself, and a bass player named Don Peterson.  We started out playing house parties and backyard parties in Glendale, Burbank, and La Canada.  Eventually, we got into Gazzari's, which led to the Starwood and The Whisky.  Don left and was replaced by Robin Kyle, with whom we experienced the greatest level of local success [on the Hollywood circuit].  When he departed, we found Gary Van Dyke, fresh from Virgin.  We'd always put a lot of emphasis on musicianship and that's why we liked Gary so much.  He was a tremendous bass player who practiced constantly because he wanted to be as good as the bass players he looked up to.  For instance, Frank Faranno [aka Nikki Sixx] auditioned for us and we showed him the door.  He was a nice kid, but knew absolutely nothing about playing a bass.  When I left in 1980, the band completely broke up.  At some later point in time, Greg resurrected the name and briefly assembled a line-up that included Tom Bass from US 101, who would later become known as Tommy Lee.  By the time Motley Crue formed, Greg and I had already joined Dokken and toured Europe.

    The last time I had any contact with Gary Van Dyke was in 1989.  Somehow, I got his phone number and called him.  We talked for a long time.  He was working for UPS, I think, and was married.  We haven't spoken since.  I remember him as a very nice person and a dedicated musician." 
So that is about it for now.  I'll speak with the guys soon and as soon as I can let everyone know about all that is happening with some of them, I'll pass it on !!!


UPDATE 11/11/07


Well, After 28 years 4 of the 5 Members of VIRGIN got together.  

September 15th I was planning a trip to LA and while I was there I was going to be hooking up with Chuck and Steve.  Dirk and his wife ended up being in town as well so I finally got to meet him face to face.  So, Chuck and Steve got ahold of Gary and he decided to come out too.  Tommy was in New Mexico so he was the only one missing.  Maybe if we would have know farther in advance that everyone was going to be available, maybe he could have made arrangements to join us.  Anyway,  we all met at a restaurant called Johnny Corrino's and had lunch (and a few cocktails).  It was the first time Steve and Dirk had seen Gary since VIRGIN broke up and and only the second time Chuck had seen Gary or Dirk  as well.   It was great to finally get everyone together.  They had some cool stories to talk about, everyone got to meet each others wifes and catch up after all these years.  After lunch, we went back to Steve and Mary Kays house and had some more drinks, listened to some old VIRGIN tapes, played some guitar (which Steve proved he has more talent than one guy should have) and basically had a great day together.  Steve also dug out a box of magazines, slides, and stuff that he let me take that I am going to post in the next couple days.  The whole day was great and I am looking forward to the next time we can all hook up.

Check out the New page for pics of the day !



UPDATE 9/02/07

Mary Mcquaide sent me this pic of her VIRGIN t-shirt from the Starwood shows.  I never knew they existed.


UPDATE 8/31/07

Hey Everyone.......I finally got the question and answer with Kenny Kerner (the man behind VIRGIN) posted.  Check it out.  Keep checking back in the next few weeks for some more cool stuff........


Update 5/31/07

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!  Today is Chucks B-day !   Have a great one Bro !!!!


UPDATE 5/21/07

COMING SOON !!!  Kenny Kerner, the man who formed, named, and was the man behind the whole VIRGIN idea answers some questions for all of us.  Keep checking back !!!

UPDATE 5/15/07


Foundcouple old flyers from Steve Kramer's old band "KILLER MOCKINGBIRD" in the Book "Hollywood Rocks".   Check out Steve's page for another flyer from the band.  If you want to see what they were all about click on this link here...

Steve,  AKA "Johnny Outrageous"  handles the lead vocals as well as lead guitar.  He flat out wails........If you are interested in a Mockingbird CD, drop me a line. 

Chuck also sent me a few pics of some cool stuff as well.  Check out the pic of him and his old roommate Mickie Jones from the band ANGEL.  The picture was taken a couple weeks ago at the Rainbow Bar & Grill anniversary party.


UPDATE 5/06/07

Been a long time since up dates but it is worth it.  Chuck sent me a lot of stuff to add from his photo albums.  Check out the new page called "Chucks Collection" and also the EULOGY page which was Chucks band after VIRGIN.  Eulogy also featured current Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson.  Other than that it has been quiet in Virgin-land.

Chuck also has a new page on MYSPACE.  Check it out here....

UPDATE 2/18/07

Sorry I have not updated in a month....Been pretty busy.  Check out Chucks page for a picture of him and Leif Garretts sister Dawn Lyn (remember her from My Three Sons ?) at a trade show in Hawaii last week.  Also, see the MP3 page for a song from Chuck and Leif's old band F8 recorded live at the Whiskey in Hollywood.  I will also be adding some songs from Tommy in the next few days as well so keep on checking back !

UPDATE 1/19/07

Tommy has posted 4 new songs on his Myspace page ( 





UPDATE 1/5/07

Happy New Year !!!!! 

What is new in VIRGINLAND ???  Tommy Moody has a new myspace page that everybody needs to check out ASAP !!!! Here is the link.....  Make sure to book-mark that page and keep checking back there as well as here for all the latest on Tommy.  

 Also, will be posting some music from Chuck's old band F8 w/Leif Garrett on the MP3 page this weekend as well.  Check it out and TURN IT UP !!!!  If you dig it, remember you can order your own CD by contacting me ....

UPDATE 12/18/06


Check out the picture above.  It is from the DVD I have of VIRGIN on "Kids Are People Too".  to see some more shots from this show, check out the "Kids Are People Too" page !!!

PLEASE SIGN THE GUEST BOOK !!!!  If you have signed before, please sign again, several submissions were lost while editing the site and I would like current e-mail address from everyone !!  Thanks !!!

UPDATE 12/14/06

Well, after a huge delay and major computer trouble,  we are back in buisness.  So, sorry for the hassle if you were trying to find us.  Now we are going to be better than ever.  First off, let me thank all the people who have signed the guest book, sent pictures, stories and whatever else.  Thanks again.

The holidays are here again so Happy Holidays to all !!!

What can we expect VIRGIN wise in the coming year.  Well, first off there will be a re-union show at the newly re-opened Starwood.......


JUST KIDDING !!!  The Starwood did not re-open and unfortunatly, I don't think VIRGIN is re-forming either (although I am working on The closest that will ever happen is some of them getting together and having a few cocktails.....


Sorry but I had to do that.......Anyway,  Tommy is still plugging away on his CD.  He is looking for a summer release.  He said he will send some new pics and stuff as soon as we are back up and running so I will give him a call.  I am also going to put the single ( and only VIRGIN record ever released) "Here Comes My Baby" in the MP3 page soon.  I'll also put up some live clips, and maybe I can get a clip of their appearance on "Kids Are People Too" posted as well.  It was their only TV appearance......I'll see what I can do.  

Keep Checking back for updates and Changes !!!!

UPDATE 10/24/06

Just recieved the new book "Sealed With a KISS" from KISS drummer Peter Criss' ex-wife Lydia.   What an amazing book.  If you are a KISS fan and want to hear real stories and not the fluff you normally read, get this book.  It is available through Lydia's website that you can get to from our LINKS page.  VIRGIN is included in the book with a great half page color photo and a little blurb about Lydia meeting them way back when....Chuck still keeps in touch with Lydia and she has sent a couple cool pics that are included in this site.

Not much else is happening right now.  I'll have to get ahold of the guys and get some more good stuff for everyone to check out.  So, keep checking back & keep signing the guest book !


UPDATE 08/09/06

HELLO AGAIN!!!!!!!!  Sorry about the HUGE delay in updating but there has been major technical problems that has prevented me from updating.  The problems are still not fixed 100 percent but I have to update !!! 

A lot has been happening.  I have recieved a lot more music from DIRK and with his ok, I will post some more of it for you all to hear.  He has been bust writing and recording and it all sounds killer.  Chuck and I hooked up about a month ago in Hollywood for a weekend.  Always great to see him, the guy truly is a brother.  There is some news about Chuck that I will hopefully be able to release soon, so keep checking back.  Steve is doing great as always.  I was hoping to see him while I was in Hollywood, we spoke a few times but our schedules did not allow it.  Tommy..........I always enjoy talking to Tommy.  We spoke a couple weeks back and he is almost finished with his long over due CD.  Hopefully I will have some music to post from him very soon.  He is still having some trouble from his motorcycle accident but thankfully he is getting through it.  Gary finally checked out the site and sent a couple pics to me.  One is when he was playing with Kevin DuBrow back in the early 80's and the other is a current shot of himself.  I as soon as I can convert the file, I will add that shot.  Look in Gary's page for the shot of him w/DuBrow. 

Thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook, e-mailed, purchased CD's and sent pics for us to check out !!!

Again, sorry for the delay....keep checking back cuz there is a lot more to come.

Cheers !!!

UPDATE 12/07/05

TOMMY MOODY !!!  Tommy gave me a call last night and I finally got some info that I have been waiting pass on.  He is currently in Hawaii for a little vacation while on the mend from his motorcycle accident.  It has been 4 & 1/2 months now, he is still on crutches & still has some pain, but thankfully it was not worse.  Anyway, on with the news.....Like I said, he is in Hawaii on the North Shore of Ouahu, he brought his guitar and there is a possibility that he will be playing a couple shows.  I will post the name of the club once he confirms that it is going to happen.  He is also working on his new CD that he is planning a summer release and tour to follow.  Some big names have been helpong him out on this CD such as:Jeff Nelson (bass player for Cameo), Johnathon "Sugarfoot" Moffet (drummer for Madonna, Sting, Elton John, etc...).  I will keep you posted on how the disc is coming.  Also, I  found out that in the past Tommy has worked & toured with Blues Greats such as Johnny Lee Hooker, KoKo Taylor, Albert Collins, etc...He has also toured with Rockers such as Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Johnny Lang, Tower of Power and more.  Tommy was also up for a LA music award in 1999 when he was with Blue By Nature.   He also has a couple of shows planned in the San Diego area after the new year and I will post them as well.  Hopefully, I will be going to one of those shows.   So, as you can see he has kept himself pretty busy & has no plans to slow down !!!!  Check out Tommy's page for a few new pics that I posted.

UPDATE 11/27/05

Sorry it has been so long since an update but the weather finally cooled down in Arizona and I have been very busy.  BUT, a little bit has happend in VIRGIN-land.  First off, Chuck Billings played a show with long-time buddy & musical partner Leif Garrett at LaCave in Costa Mesa, CA.  They are looking at booking more shows in the near future so keep checking back for dates to be announced.  Check out the photo on the page named Chuck & Leif......

A recent interview with Chuck has been posted on the INTERVIEW page.  This appeared in KISS Kollector magazine a couple months back.  Check it out !!!

Dirk and I also spoke for the first time a month or so ago.  After 763 e-mails back and forth we finally connected a voice to each other.  We had a 3-way with Chuck (not like that, perverts....a phone conversation).  Dirk is a great guy and I am looking forward to hooking up with him in the not-so-distant future.

Steve is doing well and hopefully I will have some of his music posted on the MP3 page soon.  He is trying to walk me though converting files to Mp3s and we are still working on it.  As a matter of fact, I am supposed to call him.....

Tommy is recovering from his accident still and was getting back to work on his new CD.  Lots of name players have been working with him on it.  I sent him some stuff the other day and should speak with him shortly.

Gary, well........He knows of the site and knows that I would like to get his input.......still working on it.  I know he has been pretty busy lately and said he will contribute soon.

Anyway,  Keep checking back for more updates !!!!


UPDATE 10/15/05

A new ASS-KICKING tune from Dirk has been posted on the MP3 page.  Make sure you check it out.  The song is called "Can't Let Go" ! 

UPDATE 10/05/05

New shots on Dirk, Tommy, Chuck, and Gary's pages.  Thanks to Colleen McGrane for the ass kicking photos !

Updates - 09/29/05

GARY VAN DYKE !  While working on a page for Gary, Colleen McGrane happened to email some amazing photos including some of Gary.  Check out his page to see some of them and make sure you check Dirks and Chucks page as well !!  Should all be up by the end of the day !

Updates 09/26/05

Here it is 3:30 a.m. and I can't sleep....So, I figured I would update the web-site.  Just added a clip of VIRGIN on the MP3's page.  It is a very brief clip from a bootleg live show from 1978 but I am working on getting some real VIRGIN music.  Hopefully soon.....who knows ??   Also added another cool tune that Dirk sent from his days in the band PARIS.  Check em'out & let us know what you think.  Cheers.....


UPDATES 09/08/05

Spoke with Tommy Moody tonight.  He is out of the hospital after another weeks stay as a result of a motorcycle accident.  Tommy was hit while taking a ride with some friends.  He broke a couple vertabre in his back, his leg, ankle, some ribs and some serious road rash.  Thankfully, he is home recovering and looking forward to getting back to work on his new CD.  I will be talking to Tommy again this weekend and will get a lot more info from him.  So, as soon as I know, you'll know !

Dirk's Collection is finally up (Sorry for the delay) Make sure you check it out !!!

Updates 08/29/05

Added a page for Steve Kramer.  Check it out !!!

Tommy Moody is home after his stay in the hospital due to a serious motorcycle accident.  He is still banged up but happy to be out.  

Dirk sent some great MP3's for us to enjoy.  Check out "Song of Winter" on the MP3 page.  More to come !!!

The new issue of KISS Kollector magazine is now available.  Features an exclusive interview w/ Chuck Billings.  A huge article and great photos !  Go to to order your copy.

Be sure to order the F8 and Mockingbird CD's off the CD's for sale page

Update 08/24/05

Dirk just sent me a bunch of photos from his personal stash. Included are shots of VIRGIN and a band he was involved with after Virgin. Look for the page "Dirk's Collection" coming soon !!! Here is a sample....Dirk at the Starwood 02/10/79 the last VIRGIN performance ever.

CHUCK, STEVE & DIRK - 07/31/05


A big THANK YOU to all who have visited the site, signed the guest book and have contacted me about VIRGIN.  We are glad to know people still remember them and want to know about them.  CHECK OUT ALL THE COOL NEW PAGES THAT HAVE BEEN PUT UP.  MORE TO COME....


A huge THANK YOU goes out to the guys from VIRGIN.  Thank you for your input, stories, photos, memories, phone calls, e-mails and what-not.  CHEERS !!!


VIRGIN was managed by Bill Aucoin who took KISS to the top in the 70's.

VIRGIN's first album was produced by Gene Simmons from KISS although the album has never been released.

VIRGIN's first concert ever was to over 20,000 fans at the Salt Palace in Utah.

VIRGIN appeared on the top rated TV show "Kids Are People Too"  I have the DVD and hopefully the clip will be on the site soon.

VIRGIN played to over 2 million people in 1978 and were on the second highest grossing tour of the year.  Opening for Shaun Cassidy.

VIRGIN was the most photographed band in 1978.


Here is Gene and the Guys in the studio during the recording of the VIRGIN album.